Jim Sweeney became a member of the Oval House Arts Centre during his last year at school. It offered very reasonably priced workshops and classes in a variety of performing skills - including improvisation.

Teachers included Ben Benison from Theatre Machine and John Ratzenberger, Cliff the postman in " Cheers".

Since Jim has managed to fail all his 'A' levels,
he had nothing better to do and so
he got into performing.

At the same time, Jim got involved in other Oval House projects.
Participation shows for children on the local estates, directing workshop productions and teaching improvisation workshops. He also worked on many Oval House productions including Feast of Fools- his first professional appearance. The cast included another Oval House member, Pierce Brosnan. (He later went to America and was never heard of again.)

In other productions he played characters such as Eamon Andrews, Judas Iscariot, Cosima Wagner, a defrocked priest, a ghost, a bare foot assassin, a hand, an immortal circus owner and a failed romantic poet called Bourneville.

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Jim formed a theatre
group with Steve Steen.
The original name
was going to be
The Piss Takers
This was changed to
The Urine Extractors
The Wee Wee Removers
Finally, just
The Wee Wees
Let's just draw a veil over the whole sad episode.

One of the final productions that Jim was involved with was
He played Iago and Steve Steen played Brabantio. Cassio was
played by
Tim Roth. (see Pierce Brosnan.)

Away from Oval House.he toured with Theatr Powys in Funderboltz, with Moving Visions Dance Theatre in Macbeth and appeared as an angel and mutant in Richard O 'Briens' T.Zee at the Royal Court.
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