Steve Steen, Sadie Shimmin, Flaminia Cinque, Stephen Frost, Jim Sweeney, Cathryn Harrison, Izzy De Rosario

All The Young Dudes
A BBC radio drama series by Jim Sweeney

Patrick:   Jim Sweeney
Helen:   Cathryn Harrison
Billy:   Steve Steen
Moira:   Sadie Shimmin
Joe:   Stephen Frost
Maria:   Flaminia Cinque
Charlie:   Izzy De Rosario

Producer:   Steve Doherty

A l l   T h e   Y o u n g   D u d e s
S e r i e s   1

Episode 1 Homeward Bound
Recorded Sunday May 27th 2001

Episode 2 School's Out
Recorded Monday May 28th 2001

Episode 3 Lazy Sunday

Episode 4 Girls Talk

Episode 5 People's Parties

Episode 6 Waterloo Sunset

Series 1 was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30 am on Tuesdays from July 20th to August 24th 2001

A l l   T h e   Y o u n g   D u d e s
S e r i e s   2

Episode 1 Still Crazy
Recorded Saturday August 31st 2002
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Episode 2 Happy Together
Recorded Sunday 1st September 2002

Episode 3 Monday Monday
Recorded Friday September 6th 2002

Episode 4 Mr Soft
Recorded Saturday September 7th 2002

Episode 5 Communication Breakdown
Recorded Thursday September 5th 2002

Episode 6 Summer Holiday
Recorded Sunday September 8th 2002

Series 2 was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30 am on Fridays from 20th September to October 25th 2002

Jim Sweeney & Cathryn Harrison

Steve Steen & Sadie Shimmin

Stephen Frost & Flaminia Cinque

Sadie Shimmin, Cathryn Harrison, Flaminia Cinque
Flaminia Cinque

Jim Sweeney
A l l   T h e   Y o u n g   D u d e s

……was commissioned after "Danny's Wake" had been adapted for Radio 4 and broadcast in 2000.

….follows the two characters from "Danny's Wake" – old school friends Patrick and Billy.

…… Patrick is married to Helen. They have a daughter, Charlie.. He is an unemployed teacher. She is a conference organiser.

……Billy and Moira, the divorced couple who live next door to each other. He is a plumber. She is a social worker.

……Joe and Maria who run a pub called "Le Braccia Della Regina" He was going to become a priest until he met her in St Peter's Square in Rome.

……the titles and credits were read by Whispering Bob Harris.

……all the titles are from songs which featured in the programmes.

…..Series 1 was recorded at the BBC Studios in Maida Vale.

…Series 2 was recorded at the Sound Company where many bands have recorded including Pink Floyd and T.Rex

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